Ways to Help

Thank you so much for your support of our mission in Haiti.

Without folks like you, our work here would be impossible. Eighty percent of Haitians live on less than $2 a day. Poverty is pervasive but there are so many ways that you can get involved to alleviate suffering here.

Below are some ways you can help:

Use www.goodsearch.com as your search engine. When you go towww.goodsearch.com and choose us as your designated charity, we will get 1 cent for every search you do. We are listed as Free the Kids (Greensboro, NC). You only need to choose us the first time you search. After that, every search will automatically put a penny in our account. Goodsearch is powered by Yahoo, so you will be searching with one of the major search engines.

Join IGive, It’s Free! They have agreements with hundreds of major retailers worldwide! When you do your online shopping  through IGive, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will go to benefit the children in Haiti. Here’s a quick video to learn how IGive works.


Tell your friends about the work we are doing in Haiti and encourage them to visit our website and sign up for email updates. We need more supporters so that we can step up our efforts and make a greater impact. Over 95% of your donor dollars go directly to benefit the children in Haiti. To date, we have been able to run a “tight ship” because of our grass-roots fundraising efforts. But in order to sustain this approach, we need you, our supporters, to be a voice for our children and get the word out.

Make www.FreeTheKids.org your home page so that you can check in every day and see the progress we are making in Haiti. Fr. Marc’s blog on our home page is updated daily.

Make a Donation Your dollars will do priceless works of mercy in a country where thousands go hungry ever day.  A monthly donation will help us to have some steady income to rely on. No monthly amount is too small. And you can change your mind at any time and cancel.

Most importantly, remember us in your prayers as we continue to persevere in the fight on poverty.