Volunteer & Visitor Info

Experience the Joy of Sharing Your Talents!

Free the Kids, Inc. solely supports the work of Pwoje Espwa Sud (Project Hope) which is home to many abandoned children in Haiti. At Espwa, children benefit from our food, education, & medical programs.  Free the Kids, Inc. welcomes those who wish to visit or volunteer!

Visiting Pwoje Espwa Sud (Project Hope) allows you to journey hand-in-hand with the poorest of the poor – the homeless children of southern Haiti. It is a journey of faith and friendship; a unique opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of real people, all while working with an exciting team of dedicated individuals. For more information or to request more information, please contact our Visitor Coordinator, Dee Orlowski at dee@freethekids.org

Things for visitors to keep in mind:
Be humble (You won’t save the country)
Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver
The only difference between you and them is where you were born