Visitor Code of Conduct

The children and staff at Pwoje Espwa Sud in Haiti pay close attention to the behavior of our visitors/volunteers.  It is crucial that you set a positive example at all times, even when off Espwa property.

Visitors are expected to:

  • • Treat everyone with respect, patience, courtesy and dignity
  • • Represent Pwoje Espwa Sud in an honorable and mature fashion at all times
  • • Be flexible when schedules change and/or complications arise
  • • Be sensitive and respectful of cultural and religious differences
  • • Give priority to the needs and interests of the people you are serving
  • • Use positive reinforcement rather than criticism or comparison when working with children or staff
  • • Inform responsible staff member of plans whenever leaving Espwa property
  • • Participate in community activities
  • • Sunday worship services are encouraged, as it is a time for the village to gather


Visitors must not:

  • • Be under the influence of alcohol while volunteering either on or off the grounds
  • • Use, possess or be under the influence of illegal drugs
  • • Touch a child/youth in a sexual or inappropriate manner
  • • Display any sexual behavior that is inconsistent with Christian values
  • • Display any affection between adults as they easily lead to misunderstandings due to cultural differences
  • • Dress in an inappropriate matter
  • • Use any discipline that humiliates or frightens a child
  • • Drink alcohol if under 21.  There is no exception to this rule

**Not following the above rules, are grounds for dismissal.  Free the Kids or Pwoje Espwa Sud reserves the right to dismiss a visitor or volunteer at any time as a result of misconduct**