April 2009 Donor Tribute

A Heartfelt Thanks to the Thomas & Cracchilo Foundation!

FreeTheKids.org (Theo’s Work, Inc.) is fortunate to have the support of the Thomas & Carol Cracchiolo Foundation. Aside from their regular support of daily operations, they have been instrumental in the construction of several major projects at Pwoje Espwa. A critical project was the construction of a security wall for our southern neighborhood, which houses children ages 3 – 15. Another project was the buliding of a home for Fr. Marc at Vilaj Espwa. Formerly, Fr. Marc resided in a small room at our original orphanage in the inner city of Les Cayes. His new home provides him continual close proximity to the operation. Most recently, our good friends have has pledged to provide funds for the extension of the electric power grid to the north village where our older residents and some employees live. Fr. Marc and the children of Espwa sincerely thank the Cracchiolo Foundation for their steadfast support.