Agriculture Program


The importance of good food:

Agriculture is one of the essentials of life especially in Pwoje Espwa.  It is not something that we can choose to do or not; but rather something we need in order to produce energy and survive. Not only is food essential but also sparse. Until the introduction agriculture, food was something for which people needed to forage and hunt. Lack of food has been a source of wars, famine, and starvation.  Providing good food to our neighbors can prevent such atrocities.

As your own gardens begin to bear, we want to tell you about some new efforts at Pwoje Espwa. We are focusing on projects that will offer our older residents (25% of our residents are now over 18) a hopeful future when they leave us. Most of them will end up in agriculture, but we don’t want them to just be subsistence farmers. We are excited to welcome Cameron Parker, our Missionary Agriculture Consultant, in June. He will assess ways to improve our current programs and start 3 new projects:

Agriculture Vocational Training

We will offer a group of 15 students a year of training in farming and basic business, including marketing. They will be provided with tools and seeds, and will work under the guidance of our agronome and staff. When they have successfully completed training, they will be given their tools and a seed pack, and will leave Espwa with a chance to thrive on their own.

Animal Husbandry Training

Pwoje Espwa will enhance our current animal program to include training students in propagation and in-depth care of income-producing animals. The program will quickly begin to provide a much needed, sustainable source of protein for our campus kitchens. Older students will learn larger livestock management, while younger ones will be initiated with smaller fowl and rabbits. Income and business skills will be incorporated into the training for older students. Students who participate successfully will be given a “starter pack’ of animals as they exit Espwa.

Campus Tree Planting

Pwoje Espwa wants to involve all residents in a tree planting project. Children will learn plant care and can be actively engaged in improving their surroundings and reforesting. Older students will be given in-depth nursery training, and will be provided with nursery tools and seedlings as appropriate.

Providing adequate nurishment for our children is only part of Free the Kids’ overall mission to nurture and care for Haiti’s abandoned and vulnerable children.

Please help us sustain our food supply program.

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